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Read deformed, skewed, and poorly marked OCR codes

In-Sight D900 solves challenging OCR with the power of AI

In-Sight D900 vision system reading variations of the number 7

You and I can easily tell these are variations of the number 7. To a machine vision system, the clues are less obvious.

The human eye can adjust to subtle differences and filter out noise. But traditional machine vision is programmed on predictable conditions and challenged by variation of any kind.

The In-Sight D900 deep learning vision system offers a new way to solve these tough OCR applications:

  • Deciphers deformed, skewed, and poorly ethed OCR codes
  • Quickly and easily trained to identify text without programming
  • Solves applications “out of the box” without vision expertise

Download the In-Sight ViDi Read Tool Datasheet

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